Poverty and Homelessness among the Youth

With the Salvation Army’s ‘Couch Project’ coming up this Friday on September 18th, it is vital to raise awareness of the dangers of youth homelessness and ‘couch surfing’.


In Australia, we tend to view people who are homeless or poor as someone has somehow failed to make it in society. However that is not the case! There is such a stigma with homeless and poor people in first world countries that we want to pretend they don’t exist because the alternative of knowing and understanding that poverty exists everywhere is too hard to accept. Now imagine a scenario  like this:

You are walking through Central Station in Sydney, on your way to work, university, etc. and you see a homeless woman approaching strangers begging for money that that she can eat.

What would YOU do next? How would YOU try to help?

Most people in this scenario would avert their eyes, pop their headphones in and pretend to be entirely engaged with their Facebook newsfeeds on their phones.

How many people do you think would actually stop and offer this woman money or help?

Now imagine if it was a young person was facing these dilemmas without anyone to help him/her. To help the youth population facing homelessness sleep on your couch this coming Friday to help raise awareness of regarding child poverty and youth homelessness.


Check out how the Salvation Army has helped many young people around Australia through these amazing people’s stories: https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLvZY_6Hs_yYizL-ooVy8DbyUjY8lmPbVB&v=kYF2CV5kjUM

Your Child Poverty Advocate,



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