How can YOU help to end Child Poverty

Looking for new ways to help eliminate poverty in Australia? Well, today, we will be moving in a different direction by finding out what we can do in our local community to help these disadvantaged children. There are many charities, not-for profits and organisations that are dedicated to helping families and children struck by poverty. We are going to mention some of these organisations and how you can get involved and help in this amazing cause.

St. Vincent de Paul’s Society


The St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia has more than 40,000 members and volunteers, “who work hard to assist people in need and combat social justice across Australia. “Donating money is one of the most common ways to help out but there are other ways to participate. Organising a fundraiser in school or just raising money through monthly mufti days can go a long way in helping. In almost every neighborhood there is a Vinnies store where you can donate old clothes, shoes, books, toys, etc. If you want to get more involved why not volunteer or try to work at the Vinnies.

The Smith Family 


Specifically dedicated to helping children facing poverty, The Smith Family is a children’s charity that helps disadvantaged Australia children to get the most out of their education so that they can create better future for themselves. Helping these children could mean donating old toys, books and games in their annual Christmas Toy& Book Appeal or giving away your old or unwanted clothes. Getting involved is simple: either donate money to the organisation, shop in their stores or volunteer to work for the Smith Family.

Salvation Army


Most famous for their Red Shield Appeal, The Salvation Army works hard every year to try and help the most needy in Australia. By supporting the Red Shield Appeal you are helping to change a life before it becomes a lifetime, assisting someone to break the cycle of homelessness. There are currently more than 105,000 people in Australia who currently don’t have a secure and safe place to live. This year, on September 18th they organised ‘The Couch Project’ to help bring awareness of youth homelessness. You can get involved through volunteering, corporate support and fundraising at your school.

Oxfam Australia 


Not unlike the Vinnies, Oxfam Australia  also have stores around the community where you can donate clothes, shoes, toys, etc. The money spent at these stores goes towards helping disadvantaged families and children. There are many ways to get involved in Oxfam by either volunteering in one of their stores, fundraising events and blogging for their cause. As a volunteer you can join a Oxfam group and help out in your community.

Brotherhood of St. Laurence 


The Brotherhood of St. Laurence is an organisation committed to working for an Australia that is free of poverty. The Brotherhood offer many opportunities for young people and families to help disadvantaged families get through rough times. They have schools and scholarship programs dedicated to educating and helping young people obtain jobs. Getting involved with the Brotherhood is as simple as donating money or time towards volunteering for the Brotherhood.

Getting involved is simple! Start today by supporting any of these great organisations!

Your Child Poverty Advocate,



Poverty and Homelessness among the Youth

With the Salvation Army’s ‘Couch Project’ coming up this Friday on September 18th, it is vital to raise awareness of the dangers of youth homelessness and ‘couch surfing’.


In Australia, we tend to view people who are homeless or poor as someone has somehow failed to make it in society. However that is not the case! There is such a stigma with homeless and poor people in first world countries that we want to pretend they don’t exist because the alternative of knowing and understanding that poverty exists everywhere is too hard to accept. Now imagine a scenario  like this:

You are walking through Central Station in Sydney, on your way to work, university, etc. and you see a homeless woman approaching strangers begging for money that that she can eat.

What would YOU do next? How would YOU try to help?

Most people in this scenario would avert their eyes, pop their headphones in and pretend to be entirely engaged with their Facebook newsfeeds on their phones.

How many people do you think would actually stop and offer this woman money or help?

Now imagine if it was a young person was facing these dilemmas without anyone to help him/her. To help the youth population facing homelessness sleep on your couch this coming Friday to help raise awareness of regarding child poverty and youth homelessness.


Check out how the Salvation Army has helped many young people around Australia through these amazing people’s stories:

Your Child Poverty Advocate,